IBTSOME Chapter 92 Part 1



Chapter 92 Part 1: Accident




Seeing Gu Cheng Yao, Lin Wei Xi was also surprised. Gu Cheng Yao was gentle and polite, and nodded to everyone. But his eyes scanned everyone, just not looking at Lin Wei Xi.


Simply deliberate.


Gu Cheng Yao said: "My father get delayed with something and cannot come in time, so he ordered me to pick mother back to the house."


Hearing this reason everyone suddenly realized, Grand Princess Ru Ning smiled and said to Lin Wei Xi: "Look, what did I say, Yan Wang really doesn't feel reassured to let you out by yourself. Even if he himself cannot come, still let his son to pick you up."


Lin Wei Xi was accustomed to such jokes, all the womenfolk looked at her and laughed. Faced with such a scene, Gu Cheng Yao was uncomfortable for some reason.


Lin Wei Xi stood in the bright sunshine, and the wind blew from behind her, rolling up the yellow leaves on the ground. Because of her pregnancy, she had a soft expression. Now she was standing with a slight smile, as if covered with golden light.


Gu Cheng Yao realized that he was looking at Lin Wei Xi again, his palms curled up, and looked away calmly.


It was especially troublesome for the womenfolk to bid farewell. The carriages were on standby, and there were no other people around but everyone was still talking and laughing, not in a hurry at all. Of course, the young people were not interested in these women's topics. Gao Ke quietly withdrew from the circle of the womenfolk and went outside to lead his horse.


Gao Ke turned his back, so he didn't notice. Although Gao Ran wore a smile on her face, she cast a secret glance at him from the corner of her eyes.


Gao Ke familiarly pulled his horse, which specially given to him by Duke Yingguo after he moved to the mansion. Gao Ke loved this horse very much, but the time they get along was not long after all, and the horse hasn't familiar with Gao Ke yet, let alone having the master and servant’ tacit understanding.


Gao Ke grasped the reins in a familiar manner, but today, for some reason, this horse was extremely irritable, and it got worse as he approached. Gao Ke was surprised in his heart, pulling the reins carefully and comb its mane, trying to understand what happened to his horse.


The horse became more and more restless, until Gao Ke had to pull the reins hard to stabilize it. Gao Ke secretly frowned, he vaguely felt that something was wrong, but before he could figure out what was wrong, the horse suddenly snorted. It seems that because of the inhalation of more air, the horse suddenly became mad.


Gao Ke was caught off guard, he threw the reins and quickly ran. Most good horses had fierce temper, and it’s common to be disobedience. Gao Ke was planning to let the young manservant took the horse back, but his eyes suddenly condensed.


The horse, as if it had long eyes, ran directly in the direction of the womenfolk.


Gao Ke's face suddenly changed.


Lin Wei Xi was smiling and listening to the small talk, suddenly there was a cry of alarm in her ears, she quickly turned her head, and saw a horse rushing towards them. Wan Xing and Wan Yue was taken aback, and quickly helped Lin Wei Xi to escape, but everyone was panicked. Wan Xing and Wan Yue wanted to retreat, but the path behind was blocked, it was too late for them to hide, and the horse was about to rush into Lin Wei Xi.


Lin Wei Xi was pregnant, if she was startled by this, it would not be a trivial matter.


The womenfolk screamed one after another, Lin Wei Xi subconsciously closed her eyes, but her hands firmly protected her lower abdomen. Before she could react, suddenly there was a strong force on her arm, and her whole body was pulled by this force.


"It’s dangerous, what are you doing with your eyes closed?"


Gu Cheng Yao unknowingly rushed over and pulled her. Lin Wei Xi's arm was so painful by the pulling, once she stood firm she threw Gu Cheng Yao's hand: "Let go, it hurts."


Only then did Gu Cheng Yao realize that in a hurry he didn’t pay attention to his strength. He felt apologetic in his heart, but before he could adjust his strength, Lin Wei Xi had already throw his hand away.


The delicate and gentle feeling in his hand was instantly gone, Gu Cheng Yao soon felt the dry and cold wind blowing on the palm of his hand. Gu Cheng Yao felt inexplicable as if he had lost something, he and Lin Wei Xi were very close now, and he could almost smell her faint fragrance. Lin Wei Xi lowered her head and moved her wrists. Gu Cheng Yao was even suspicious, as long as Lin Wei Xi raised her head, her hair would even touch his chin.


The crazy horse was extremely fast, and the change happened in an instant. Before everyone saw what was going on, Gu Cheng Yao hurried to this side and pulled Lin Wei Xi away from under the horse’ hoof.


The horse forced its way through the middle of the womenfolk. The womenfolk screamed unceasingly, many of them fell to the ground, and struggling to get up. Before they could stand, the crazy horse dig its hooves violently under the tree and ran back.


Many people hadn't stood up yet, the woman's screams almost broke through the eardrums, Lin Wei Xi also hurriedly backed away. But somehow, the people behind her seemed very confused, always blocked the path. Lin Wei Xi only took two steps and was blocked again. At this time she was still exposed on the outside, and when the crowd swayed, Gu Cheng Yao was also separated from Lin Wei Xi.


Gu Cheng Yao saw that Lin Wei Xi was still exposed on the outside, his pupils almost stretched to the maximum. At that moment, all his blood was cold, as if returning to that snowy night, when he saw Gao Xi lying in front of him, silent.


Gu Cheng Yao almost couldn't help calling out her name. As soon as the word "xi" was uttered, a feather arrow shot from behind, bringing a fierce wind along the way. The arrow shot into the horse's neck with a piercing sound, right in the middle artery.


The crazy horse hissed, pounced on the ground, stomped a few times and then stopped moving.

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    'Lin Wei Xi was pregnant, if she was startled by this, it would not be a trivial matter.'
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